Our School Day

Early education is so important to young children as they develop. Not only are they preparing to enter kindergarten academically, but we find that social and emotional growth is just as important during these early years. Our days are based on growing the whole child.

Curriculum– Our program is based on a preschool curriculm called Creative Curriculum. A typical day includes center play, circle time, art, music, learning activities, specials, outdoor play, and snack.  Children are encouraged to explore their environment, interact with materials, express themselves, and to respect and appreciate others.  Learning activities include language/pre-literacy,math, science, social studies, and Christian education.

Christian Education: Christian stories, songs and art activities are included in the monthly calendar.

Outdoor Play: It is very important to us that the children not spend their entire day in their classroom. We aim to have our students outside unless weather permits otherwise (our gym is available for cold or rainy days). Our school has a two separate, fenced playgrounds – one for younger students and one for older ones, as well as an outdoor courtyard space.

Music Specialist: Classes enjoy a weekly visit with our music teacher.  Students love playing instruments such as the drums and rythmn sticks, and the songs are always fun.

Art Specialist: Children meet with the visual arts teacher once a week.  They are introduced to a variety of artistic materials and receive fun filled instruction in the fundamentals of art.

Chapel: Classes visit with the Christian Educator once a month for storytelling and songs.