New Philly Fives Pre-k

Our New Philly Fives Pre-K program serves as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten.  It provides a place of age appropriate learning for those children who would benefit from the gift of an additional year before entering a traditional kindergarten program.  Our curriculum is structured around five readiness areas that are used for similar programs nationwide: play based approach to learning; emotional and social development; health and physical development; language development and communication; and cognitive development.  We concentrate on the whole child, not just academic performance.

Students spend their day learning through a play based curriculum that moves at the pace of the students.  Daily activities include center play that covers a variety of disciplines, including literacy, math, science, and dramatic play.  Our teachers recognize that not all students learn the same way, and they take a multi-sensory approach to early literacy and early math skills.  We practice science hands on through experimentation, and social studies skills are also developed alongside literacy skills. Students have daily recess on our outdoor playground, and in times of inclement weather, they have recess inside in our gym.  All of these activities work together to not only provide age appropriate academic progress, but to continue to develop the fine and gross motor skills, emotional growth, and social skills that are vital for success in kindergarten and beyond.