Meet Our Staff

Heather Mash, Director: In 2017, Heather joined our staff as our Preschool Director. Previously, Heather served as Assistant Director.

Elizabeth Schaaf, Assistant Director: Elizabeth has been on staff at NPPS since 2016, and she has served as assistant director since 2017. Elizabeth has fourteen years experience working with young children, and she previously taught high school before working with preschoolers.

Kelly McMurray: Kelly is our lead babies teacher. She has been with our school for six years and has prior work with children and as a child protective services counselor. Kelly holds a degree in social work.

Sara Smith: Sara is one of our babies assistant teachers. She has been with NPPS for three years, and before joining our staff, Sara taught in a K-2 Exceptional Children program. In her spare time, Sara enjoys distance running.

Laura Long– Laura joined our staff four years ago, and she is currently an assistant teacher in our fours. All three of Laura’s children are former NPPS students, and she has a deep love for this school and its children.

Toni B.– Toni has been with NPPS for ten years, and she has taught ages two through four. Toni is currently an assistant in our two’s program. She finds two year olds very entertaining! In her spare time, Toni enjoys refinishing furniture.

Melinda Spear– This is Melinda’s second year on our staff, and she has spent her time here working with toddlers. Melinda has two boys who were also NPPS students.

Amanda Griffin– Amanda has been with NPPS for eleven years, and she has worked with children from babies through threes. Amanda currently is a lead teacher in our younger toddler class.

Donna Drane – Donna joined the NPPS staff twenty three years ago, and she has taught toddlers through threes. Donna currently works as with Tillie Skoggard in our three’s program.

Tillie Skoggard– Tillie has been with our staff for 25 years, and she has spent her entire time with us in our threes program. Tillie and Donna Drane have been a team for more than twenty years.

Judy Lovelace– Judy serves as co-lead in our threes program, and she has been on the NPPS staff for 28 years. Judy believes that every child is special, and she spends her free time with her nine grandchildren.

Pat Jarvis– Pat first joined NPPS when it started in 1978, and she has been with our school for a total twenty eight years. Pat is our music teacher, and she has a passion for using music to help students grow and develop creativity.

Dorothy Smith– Dorothy originally hails from England, and she is currently our lead in our twos program. She has been with NPPS for eighteen years.

Sara Reich– Sara is a lead teacher in one of our four year old classes. She has been with NPPS for seven years, and she has seventeen years of experience with preschoolers of all ages.

Cynthia Angell– Cynthia is our lead Readiness class teacher. She has more than eleven years of experience with preschoolers, and she comes to us after five years at a local elementary school, including time teaching Guided Reading and ESL. Cynthia enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Susan Grubbs– Info coming soon!

Muraka Fisher– Info coming soon!

Patty East– Info coming soon!

Andrea Harrelson– Andrea is new to our staff this year and comes to us from the school system. She has taught 1st grade, and she has taught reading in grades K-5. Andrea is also a proud NPPS parent.

Lori Howell: Lori is a co-lead in our three year old program. She has been with NPPS for 12 years, and she has taught twos, threes and fours. Lori has three children, including twins.

Jennifer Kushmick– Info coming soon!

Sara Shields– Info coming soon!

Leslie Newsome– Info coming soon!

Allison Blackwell– Info coming soon!