Our Curriculum

promotes children’s growth and development in all areas. A typical day includes center play, circle time, art, music, learning activities, specials, outdoor play and snack. Children are encouraged to explore their environment and new ideas, interact with materials, express themselves, respect and appreciate others, and ask questions. Individuality and creative expression is supported. According to your child’s age learning activities include:

Language/Pre-Literacy: books, storytelling, conversation, writing materials, environmental print, alphabet.

Math: sort, compare, count, patterns, measure, manipulatives, classify, numbers

Science: observe, cause and effect, awareness of nature, care for environment, senses, discrimination, experimentation, cooking

Social Studies: respect for others and self, family, community, culture, daily living, awareness and exploration of the world they live in.

Art: draw, color, paint, sculpt, imagine and create

Music: Sing, dance, instruments

Christian Education: Our classes will focus each month on a different bible story that will teach a message and positive values to the children through storytelling, music, art, flannel board stories, games and cooking activities.